As of March 1st, the second phase of the national meetings of IPA DRAM Programme in each Partner country has officially started.

After a fruitful month of meetings held in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Turkey and Albania, which helped to provide an overview on each Partner country and a better understanding on how local experts work to improve risk mapping capacity, data sharing and disaster loss data collection, the technical workshops will now involve the other four Partners, to carry with the activities contained in the Plan of action.

An overview of risks will be drafted after finalization of the technical workshops and will be presented in the third Steering Committee meeting.

The first national workshop of the month of March will be held in Prishtina, Kosovo* on 1st and 2nd March, led by Emergency Management Agency (EMA) with the participation of reference institutions, participating actively to the core working group of the national IPA DRAM team including one expert on environment.

The second workshop will be in Macedonia. The city of Skopje will host a 2-day meeting, on 27 and 28 March. The IPA DRAM Team Leader and the key experts will be joined by a reference institution to work actively to the core working group of the national IPA DRAM team under the guidance of Protection and Rescue Directorate (PRD) and Crisis Management Center (CMC), plus one expert in risk mapping and one expert on Disaster Loss Data.

The third workshop will be held in Podgorica, Montenegro. It will be a 3-day meeting with the participation of the IPA DRAM team and one expert on wildfires, one on earthquakes, one on Disaste Loss Data and one on Disaster Risk Assessment. The Directorate for Emergency Management (DEM) facilitates the involvement of all relevant national institutions.

The fourth and last workshop will be held in the month of April in Belgrade, Serbia, on 11 and 12 April. This time the IPA DRAM key experts will work with local experts coordinated by the Sector for Emergency Management (SEM) supported by IPA DRAM experts on earthquakes and wildfires from DPC Italy.