Risk assessment requires accurate recording of previous disasters and, in particular, the associated losses in terms of human casualities, property and environment damage as well as economic loss. The collection of data and the assessment of disaster impact is a challenge in many countires involving different institutions and actors, and requiring consistent application of an agreed methodology.

The EU has developed guidance on recording and sharing loss data. On the basis of the guidance and with the help of IPA DRAM, the Western Balkans and Turkey can further develop and improve their national data collection and processing. Furhermore, this could eventually lead to the sharing of information on disaster impacts at regional, European and global levels by connecting relevant communication platforms and databases.

IPA DRAM Objective for the component on DLD

Based on the assessment made from the fact-finding mission, gaps and needs in policy, regulatory and operational frameworks of the partner countries will be identified. Through a participatory approach a set of recommendations and a plan of action will be developed. During the first regional workshop, partner countries will be guided through JRC guidelines and the Sendai Framework for Action as well as briefed on good practices from EU member states. The aim is to have a complete set of national indicators for disaster loss data for each partner country and updated operational procedures for disaster loss data collection and recording. On a regional level, a discussion paper on collecting and sharing disaster loss data including regional indicators and recommendations for improving the access and consistency of disaster loss database will be developed and disseminated.