In 2011, the European Council mandated the European Commission to develop an overview of natural and man-made risks in the EU, based on a voluntary contributions of the Participating States. The Overview of Natural and Man-made Risks in the EU was published by the European Commission as a Staff Working Document in 2014. The conclusion of the document pointed out the diversity of assessment methodologies, processes and terminologies, the lack of focus on cross-border and regional risks, and a limited attention to climate-related risks. Further to that, several steps were taken by the Euopean Union in order to gathered existing knowledge towards establishing Good Practices guidelines. In this line, the European Commission launched in 2015 the Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre (DRMKC) with the aim to reinforce the contribution of science to policy-making. IPA DRAM complements and continues the support previously provided by EU candidates and potential candidates in the field of disaster risk management under IPA Multi-beneficiary and will take stock of existing projects in the same areas of intervention.