Disaster loss data, risk assessment and risk mapping are the main components of the Programme. Initially, pre-study and fact finding missions will be conducted to increase the understanding of the state of play in regards to these specific areas both at national and regional level. This will lay the foundation for the development of the country-specific plans of action. Capacity-building activities such as technical and regional workshops, advisory and technical missions and targeted actions for the installations of the Electronic Regional Risk Atlas (ERRA) will be used for the achievement of the Programme expected results. Programme deliverables and activities will be shared through online platforms, media and events.


In the first six months, the programme will carry out country visits to present the programme framework and ensure partner multi-stakeholder and inter-agency involvement. Further to that, a first round of fact-finding missions and a preliminary desk research assessments will serve as basis for a first study which will be shared among Programme partners and stakeholders.

Milestone 1: Fact-finding reports for all partner countries with main hazard types identified 

Deliveries: Inception and Baseline Report

1st Regional Workshop on 13-14 June 2017, Podgorica (Montenegro)


In this phase the Programme will develop the country-specific plans of actions which will include recommendations and operational indications.

Milestone 2: Plans of actions for all partner countries 


Milestone 3: Set-Up of National indicators for disaster loss data collection in all partner countries

Milestone 4: Installation of ERRA and relevant training


The results of the programme will be collected and shared among the partner countries as well as with relevant EU-, regional and international organisations through online platforms and specific lessons learned sessions in the Programme main events. As a way forward, the country-specific plans of action will be reviewed and revised and a regional roadmap will be set up.

Milestone 5: Presentation of and overview of risks in the region 

Milestone 6: Endorsement of a regional roadmap 

Networking Opportunities

To streamline the cooperation with the partner countires as well as enhance their opportunities for exchange in important international platform dedicated to risk assessment, members of the consortium will facilitate their participation to several expert groups, i.e. the European Working Group on Disaster loss data coordinated by the European Joint Research Centre, the DG Echo Working Group on Disaster prevention (providing guidelines on National Risk Assessment and National Capability Assessment). 

In line with the partner countries’ own structures, IPA DRAM will set-up two-tiers working groups with representatives of each major government and other stakeholders relative to disaster loss data, risk assessment and mapping.